Who is KP?


KP is a fictional character I made when I was bored with my friend. A few months later, my class did a thing where we wrote stories, and I decided to put him in it. After it was done, me and my friend joked around saying we would turn it into an Anime and we would have voice actors, and crap like that. Then KP…became this (Yes, this all happened because of some random thing I did in school). KP is an abbreviation for his name, which is Kaito Padoreigu, but it also stands for ‘Kawaii Potato’. In his town, if you were considered a Kawaii Potato, you were highly respected. It would also mean you are trustworthy, kind-hearted, and helpful. He also enjoys spending time with his Childhood friend, Amai.

Amai is very sweet and like I stated earlier, she is KP’s childhood friend. She left town when she was really young. She than came back in middle school and she thought all of her childhood friends had moved away. Some of them stayed but she didn’t know. She made friends with her old friends but didn’t know they were her old friends (This idea was inspired by Aphmoo and her pheonix drop high series thing). Her mom planned a get together with old friends and told them to bring their kids. The moms freaked out and were all happy when their kids got back together. That’s her whole backstory!


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